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Support Local

Thousands of business owners in Texas and across the United States are still reeling from the economic collapse caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Unfortunately, the federal stimulus plan fell short in helping those that needed it the most.  Many small businesses like Eye Kandy Graphics were experiencing a banner year only to be devastated by the economic impacts of the pandemic.

Small businesses, the "mom and pop" shops, the people who work from home, the ones who often forego paying themselves a salary to keep the doors open....these are the ones being most impacted by this financial crisis.  These are the ones who live from job to job and are being devastated because they are not eligible for government aid.   They have been deemed a lower priority and are unable to capitalize on the government assistance. This and the lack of business has made it impossible to pay bills.  It is now more important than ever for small businesses to band together.

As people across the nation accept that we are apart but not alone something beautiful is happening.  Neighbors are supporting neighbors and communities are coming together to support one another.    Community isn't just about being in the same place.  It's about having common interests, common goals, and a common bond, wherever you happen to be .  The "support local" initiative is sweeping the nation.  Desire to bring production home and become less dependent on foreign manufacturing is growing.

By supporting local business you are helping your neighbors, your friends, the moms and dads, brothers and sisters in your community to keep their lights on and food on their tables.

In this spirit Eye Kandy Graphics is launching our own "Support Local" initiative.  We want to help small businesses in our community and offer a way to promote their brand in order to survive in these uncertain times.  We are offering the "Stand TOGETHER while staying apart" t-shirt to do just that.  Business owners can send us their logo and we will include them in our campaign at no cost.  We will do a one color shirt mock up and add it to our online store.  We will provide a link to purchase those shirts that can be shared/marketed on social media.  When customers place an order we will print, package and ship the orders.  For every shirt purchased $10 will go to the business being supported.